February 14

Assorted sashimi: # 3

Story is when I went to Japaresu was previously lived in Marpole area named. Very cheap so I ordered something called sashimi platter Apataiza. Sashimi is what appears to have been carried on after a while. Apparently a big cut out of six in Canada. Binchoumaguro, king salmon, yellowtail, tail, and yellowtail sashimi What is not that nice feel.

Out of the remaining three, you, this transient but not mackerel sashimi · · · · · · It is Shimesaba. After that, octopus · · ·. · · ·. · I have boiled this is clearly · · ·. The last and shrimp! I love the sweet shrimp. · · ·. · · ·. · And there boiled and cut in half but this also. · This, of boiled shrimp sushi I mean Jean · · ·.

Say sashimi w image I would called it a version of sushi does not have a bay.

Fried: Birds # 2

This is a fairly recent event. Matrix is ​​really, if you have to give up looking for another shop, this is very close to Japanese management may I went to a store in the Kingsway, cheap all-you-can-eat sushi famous? I tried entering naming (think I forgot the name) because there was Japaresu of. (In fact everyone was Korean)

I ordered a fried bird is my favorite and some cooking. After a while, takoyaki has come for some reason. When I say I do not ask this, I say "You ordered Chicken Karaage, right?" And. · · · W I thought I was Chima~tsu done it again, Oh.

Takoyaki is not obviously look. Round, are also suffering from dried bonito have the source and takes a Mayo ·. And would not think of chicken, but I went Innovation Park Well. · Well, not flaky delicious. I feel like a solidified and then scattered the breast meat of birds like chicken nuggets. (In Canada, breast meat is far higher than the leg the way) · · · will you that nothing unnecessary in such ·. You had to wonder what that bird out of this food as fried what I ·.

# 1 became so long next time! This guy was really intense!

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October 2

Go to Japanese restaurants abroad, you will encounter a variety of Japanese food Rashikara unexpected. I will introduce five intense thing you encounter in the past.

Miso ramen: # 5

I ordered ramen menu because there was Japaresu When I was coming in for a while after working holiday, I want to eat ramen Mushoni was in the neighborhood. Is the story of the era was not a lot of ramen as the current Vancouver (as far as you know is now defunct and China aster, only Kintaro are also popular now).

Select a miso soy sauce and miso think I was, and I guess it's out there is no way of miso.

The result is ·. First of all, beyond the common sense is not very thick white noodles. · Do What It Could Udon? ? ? I'm certainly miso soup · · ·, by any chance is this? And miso soup? ? ? w

Miso ramen noodle soup was grave. To ascertain whether it was what I found was not familiar w soy sauce and of course.

Boiled tofu: Ranked # 4 in

I think I ordered a tofu into a Japanese restaurant in a very cold day, something warm and something.

After a while, something like a small bowl of soup for some reason went into the came. A look at the taste and thought something was Tentsuyu. After that, cold tofu for some reason has come.

Jean and I think that at all wrong order, and tell it, this is so that he apparently boiled tofu. It is a style seems to eat with (Tentsuyu) · tofu soup warm.

It will also gradually become cold Tentsuyu are eating tofu dipped in warm Tentsuyu cold, warm the body at all · · · w eventually could not.

Since the third place followed by the next time · · ·.

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August 2


Cypress has slipped at the venue at the 2010 Winter Olympics

Is at most 2.3 times snowboard was the past few years, even if, this year has been carried out as at the end of every week.

This year, perhaps because many warm days, might be skinny or no snow, is terrible to have been hit or rain-demo. I for some reason or heavy snow fell during the week ·. Unfortunately the snow and feel say is not left carved the end of the week but are slipping. I want snow falling on the weekend!

Is looking forward to this weekend, so go to stay in Whistler. There will be snow if indeed Whistler.

Place the photo of the first time this season when they slipped in the first week of December. Here is one of the venue of the 2010 Winter Olympics called Cypress.







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June 2

When I look back on last year, but there was also many good and bad thing, it seems that year was relatively stable. When you consider why you all think so, it may be worked properly from a full-time throughout the year.

It may be such that it would normally be a matter of course, for me (?) Is apparently since 2006 · If you look back for years or was such a feat. Encountered the layoffs because twice in the past three years (laughs).

Well, but I feel like those of living apparently stable after a long time, this year's goal is not to overturn that it may become.

Is "to realize the dream" The goal of this year.

Such things have come to exist or have much to say since I was about 20 years old mind me, or life goals and dreams that have ballooned in 10 years this number there are two.

One is working at (with the United States after write) US is the home of the software.

Originally longing, to the United States goes back to school days. Now that aspire to study in America under the influence of English schools became decided to start from that gone arrived and dizzy in the solicitation of beautiful eyebrow at the age of 19 No (w, it was a really beautiful ). As a result, Japan will need to remain in employment for various reasons, did not study abroad.

The goal now say you wish to see working in this country country called America a few times will come from becoming entangled in the various sections of my life, the original that I wanted to study abroad Since then, the full story, but omit leads to now has been transformed.

The second is a trip around the world.

Trip around the world there is also the reason that I started this blog (the original title of the blog is not "immigrant life in Canada" now was "a human journey round the world"). I really liked since I was a child, watching the scenery go to the land do not know do not know. Now say the urge scenery, people and want to see this directly in the eye the variety of cultures and traveled the world from it into adulthood.

I was planning say after finishing the one-year working holiday in Canada, and one year to go around the world, we would also give up due to circumstances at this time. But begin to give priority to fresh concrete plans for the trip again in 2007 started this blog, will get a permanent resident of Canada at that timing, you begin to live in Canada than the journey and journey is put off and I think it's important for me that, have led to the current.

The goal of this year, out of the dream of two years has been left undone in my life this number 10, is to achieve one or the other.

Now the company (State WA), (State of WA), (State of CA), and has offices (state TX) Austin, in the form of a representative can be seconded by more than a year worked as a regular employee of the United States 1 LA Olympia Seattle So (get L1 visa), I'm looking for a position in the local loan out a wish from a little before. Was led to the telephone interview for the vacant position was out in LA last week, to take up this work in a difference of skill was needed unfortunately was not possible.

It is said that the company's HR and from the go surely be Moraere look in the long run, it is also rumors of a merger with sister company in San Francisco, I have come been layoffs colleagues a number of years this one , it has refused to achievement of the dream in the way things say various reasons even up to now, around the world is a dream of another and if so difficult if you give up at some other time of the year also I decided to journey to.

I recently read a book called "The Archemist" of Paulo Coelho. Have been translated into each language is Portuguese original. In the book I had been anxious from the old days, when there will suddenly want to read, go to the bookstore to buy as it is, once I finished reading.

Say that this is not going to find the treasure in the Egyptian shepherd boy, was seen repeatedly in my life read the story. When I was young yet was easy to have all clearly, it seems to do anything. It, it worked so as to be within yourself Omoikoma over the years, says Paulo magical power to achieve their dreams is impossible, and that his life or detrimental to, is really their own I think it has come to interfere with what you want to do it.

Paulo, but is referred to as "The world's greatest lie" that mysterious power, to achieve what this dream without losing to "lie", and then the goal of it this year.

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February 2

Happy New Year everyone. · · · W But already February.

New Year's Eve is a party in the house of a friend, Zoni New Year's Day and ate our sashimi section and in the house of another friend. With sake of course. I think it reached the New Year seems like Japan is the first time in Canada. I was impressed also delicious food wine. It is also Japanese and Japanese sake.

There were a lot last year. There was also a good thing and bad thing, I think that was the year a good many things. There was also the year many friends. However, as a Mariners fan was the worst year · · ·.

Did not update this blog nearly a year longer · · ·. When I wrote last time, was (state that was eating the free meal that is) state was looking for an assignment back to the headquarters of DT from which the client of Burnaby in the work of the company for now, of Vancouver from March and then will be involved in the work of (Business Intelligence) BI projects at the client's headquarters in downtown, has led to the now.

Which means an earlier project, and to analyze in order to migrate to the new system the old system very developed the 1980s and 1990s the client, the system was made in the old technology further than it technology and learned to school days analysis of, I was a project very difficult and very, etc. or not there are still documents of the time, because it is a project right now that conduct and development proposal of the system from one using the latest technology, very It is easy to do.

Well, I will be 35 years old this year. Was a long time if old age care. That was too much from Attoyuuma 30. However, I noticed that recently, I have lots of energy like better now than the time of about 30 years old. Probably would not have been or may be, thanks to (about 35 minutes one way at a trot) walk to the company in the summer of commuting, was doing a good tennis in the park in the immediate vicinity of the house. I will do my best so that the need for young and healthy in the future.

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