January 16

Everyone, Happy New Year.

I have lived in Canada for about nine years and now gets iterated once more in the hope except for the period to come to Canada for the first time in 2001 and returned to Japan in the middle and the relationship visa. So that from the time of becoming an adult (? Around 20 years old) is more of Canada already is longer at all.

While that was fun to work in a meaningful way, I was working at the business of software development and IT venture there, 12 years ago, have been exhausted. More than 100 hours of overtime a month, more than enough to do my best work is given, if he tries hard, his was not so much social aspect is also not well even human relations ... Kizukeru. I was from the thought of the work is not hard too leisurely, or snowboarding or to travel occasionally, drinking from Tsu daytime, that I wish I could life my pace is relaxed such that it came in a country called Canada.

When I think of the situation of more than 10 years now, I've noticed that they can own their own life was looking at just that.

Work of the IT consulting firm that has worked the last two years there are many big projects opponent clients of large companies in North America, and at the same time, interesting work, and then the overtime only about 10 hours in the past two years there is a very rewarding I think it is possible to obtain a high compensation in its own way rather often come back before scheduled rather not fold, take vacation is relatively free, and I think that work ideal just be yourself from 10 years ago.

I think nothing more to be done, but I also do my colleagues, and have spent a life time to take care of his family and his, very meaningful and fulfilling. I think this place has been around Canada and settle for a so-called values. I think that I have spent the last 10 years in Canada and I love it and.

However, it has become somewhat unsatisfactory come here.

I think if you are here now in the hands, which had asked 10 years ago, it certainly is something very wonderful.

However, at some time,

"You do not ask what was different 10 years ago, and what you are asking now."

I have come to think so.

In addition, since nor have I left the College of Canada is neither born in Canada, but I can not quite take the position that the management of large projects. The company or the client may not even recognize me recommended me. I think if you have experience at least, it is possible to obtain the opportunity to gain experience that I am not very difficult.

Go to a university in Canada · · ·. I try to take a Degree in IT Management and learn. I was thinking a little thing like that.

In such timing, I got an offer of the position of manager of the IT department from certain Japanese companies in Southeast Asia have the edge, however.

On "intuition" in some aspects in my life past the last article I wrote in, it worked here also. I thought it was! "I want to do this job."

In Japanese and English, the official language of this corporate house had been thinking the past few years is that case you should not be good at most Japanese can use their original order was the only English, I want to have it actually terribly . Will be enabled to use the two words in this job, however.

And last is the story of "Connecting dots" of Steve Jobs it was said, I think whether it is not that the point became each time I have been just follow all leads.

So, I was going to start a new job in Bangkok in February. Eventually returns to IT management experience in Canada, Canada ... goodbye for a while.

I think there is still work to do things the sale of the car or vacate the apartment, tax treatment of your company, such as tax treatment of its own, and you want to go just go snowboarding made can never over there in half a month left, I'm going to slip Please invite us when!

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