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December 29

It is updated once again after a long time sooo. . .

Until now, I have been living according to the "intuition" of their fine. Although I think you're man incapable of much maybe, the company I just because there are no paid Dari pleased with the live play with unemployment becoming laid off (for example, a way of life appropriate such work, but I am free I'm in and out on a journey two months to leave) and have been Yatteko somehow, whether it is not of such contain some poised to take the world well results according to intuition.

I think there are things that I want to tell you a little time, and you want to talk about "intuition" this for that.

The first intuition:

I thought that when three years of high school, college and try to go to the faculty of humanities as usual and I was a liberal arts, sciences because intuition says, "now is probably your computer" and will work, if the results of mathematics was not even trying was turning to go on to college, the computer (w I'm tired of studying I mean) difficult. He had been at first or want to do (CG) computer graphics, he studied computer programming know that there is no aptitude at all.

Second intuition:

When you only have one year to become members of society at the time, had been involved in the development of operational systems Windows systems in the department of trading, intuition, "From now wonder WEB" that worked. But I have to change jobs to venture companies in Akasaka at the time the Internet began to spread barely even talk to my boss does not let me do too new and the development of WEB system, was doing specializes in the development of WEB and Now .

Third intuition:

When I experienced four years the members of society, from the fact that most of the technical documentation of IT is written in English, leaving the company in the intuition that says, "From now probably English," and had been working happily luck quite at that time I came to Canada Te. There was also said to want to relax after doing snowboard suitably favorite non-English-language acquisition まぁ. You've been using a system called working holiday, I ended up with holiday holiday without working at all.

Intuition of 4:

Intuition when in position three days, "I lived here," that came to Canada worked. I did get a permanent residency through a work visa then.

Intuition of 5:

10 years, did not show up, such as intuition and then kind of a turning point in my life, I felt this Asia trip also. "Now is probably Asia" w and. It would likely already is not now, Asia is still the energy is different from North America. Asian interesting! I want to do something in Asia! I thought.

What will you do with Asia in? I also write it next time. According to the intuition of the results until now here I am actually lead.

The story of "Connecting dots" of Steve Jobs comes to mind. Every single thing you're doing now seems pointless (dot: dot) If the future lead, I noticed it started looking back to that time but I do not know. Maybe I'm talking to say, let's work hard to believe in what you are doing that so that point is connected future.

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