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May 5

Was to update a long time becomes long. Had been busy for a variety of reasons.

Before, but working in US've been writing and is one of my career goals, we decided that we can participate in this project, its likely to be a clue.

I such a small project in the city called Olympia Capital Washington, position that matches the skills I here found, to participate in the project here from the beginning of April and continue to the other consultants working on the project until now I will be.

However, say this project is a form of US Wakubiza is not down because it is a short-term project that four months, and to work in a remote from (home or office) in Vancouver. Can say is that you can have a connection to a team member and project manager of the US out the results in this project, would be a possible acquisition Wakubiza if you can participate in long-term project to another US, long-term had participated until now but I decided to leave the 'project. I was very high risk of causing it to four months from three years remaining period I was also like working on a project until now, this is an island to assume the risk and decided to prepare for the goal was.

One day about three weeks after the start of work on new projects, team meetings suddenly joined in the afternoon (meeting our consultants are working with a remote office is connected to the meeting using the online software has become a mechanism to participate Te). I was participating in the project was the way it came time to be able to work like you understand the whole story squarely in the project.

Tell what was said to say purpose of the meeting, and was canceled at the discretion of the client project. Work is not gone from the date of the next meeting of the addition of only 5 minutes online. Must find a new client and project to life, but also does not embarrass the base salary, excluding the compensation, so the results come out of course.

This result will not make the decision to bear the risk was very disappointing awaited. But, I had to do, I think every regret can not be helped, because judgment was for the target to say to say that risk and be prepared to lose anything, because it does not go well at all times.

So, I have been interviewed or to apply or to update the resume for the house after a long time, so if there is a good position to search a database of in-house project. Evaluation of falls this time because it was a cancellation of a sudden in the convenience of the client, about a little is should be OK for something a cancellation fee contract has gone out among the company, probably will be too long a period not running is where it becomes the subject of layoffs, as well as work I have chosen not too painful and it is this state.

I'm sorry to hear about a week I spent a happy time when you have not Fortunately, the work of the results come out anything, that means you want to come back from the PM of the project was in charge until then. The back to work back to the original project immediately from this week. W is the punishment was bad because it was a little encouragement from the team immediately after the original members and Ganbareyo toward the goal, was that welcomed us back.

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