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October 3

Traveler's blog has been wandering the world high school took a leave of absence was read.

(It was bad but I try my best, rather than did not do at all), to give up college, high school called Shingakuko but I'm around to be the second year of senior high school is enlightenment a lack of fitness for a study subject to inspection of their own had been spent without even doing in school because it was through, play arcade or bytes What sabot class, just like going to bed to go to take attendance for the school to graduate, the time and meaningful not very There is time.

And I probably could have there, not to own if it does not take college, high school life a little more meaningful, I thought but reading this blog. (Of course, now the significance of making sure his life even in the seemingly hopeless at the time, but it should have been there is)

Part, we will quote his words from his blog.

"I,. Worried go to Ghana or Nigeria or go to the demo. I think at this age and the years and this time job or worry about whether the College"

. "I do not think I do not think I was decided rail. I correct way of life"

. "I did not notice and do not set out on a trip. Believe is important to understand given share. Mind that Yu is less than he just wants"

"Likelihood that there is a farewell meeting because there is also a new meet and encounter"

"I talk longer, I'm only human I will live freely! Me! Only are living now. Can eliminate any trouble nor pain!"

People have traveled the world but there are many, the kit should not only see him a 17-year-old. We look forward to updating the blog in the future.

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