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June 25

The Canadian Rockies, go around with a nine-day camp. The plan has been heated for several months, I finally realized mid-April.

People like to work for an entire week to rest because it does not, at present, there are four participating members (M) +1 dog (male). One is how participants from Japan. Not knowing whether my car died a short time left to live as you know, Kengo track is due to the need to use that work hard at it, I go by car.

The first day started early in the morning, around noon, Mt. Robson (BC not only of pro-Alberta) arrives at the campsite, so keep a good book I heard from a friend, spend the day there. After that appointment has not been standing still, three nights in Jasper, Banff and three nights to meet with colleagues working in Banff, somewhere way back (Nelson each) and it is more a return to Vancouver at night.

Our campers is a camp that often, indeed nine days camping (tent, of course) I spent in the past because there is quite fun. By the way, if it has one vacant seat of the car "to go - awesome!", Please contact that person? (Total cost is around $ 400-350)

written by Shin

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7 Responses to "Plan 9-day camping trip in the Canadian Rockies."

  1. 1. Daniel Says:

    If dude. . Or 09 days. Such that the good memories. . Banff and spent a week long before I went EDMONTON. A boy can enjoy mecha. A who? . How to participate in Japan?

  2. 2. Shin Says:

    If you know and tell me-when I camp in Banff. The beans come from Japan, you know the way, is Daniel too.

  3. 3. Kiyomi I Says:

    It was really fun! ! ! !
    I would like to join me if they have time (>_

  4. 4. Ales Hemsky Says:

    How do you do? Thats the time I lived in Edmonton for the students, all in Seattle Gyakuruto 間下 Konomi and go. Of course the OILERS FAN DES.
    Seattle's camp is near the Olympic Peninsula, quite good DES. Lung.
    Banff Jasper than you may still prefer.
    Mechanical Dock 4649 continued

  5. 5. Shin Says:

    I Kiyomi

    You happy? There are not that great 来Retara time.

    Mr. Ales

    I've been living in Edmonton. WA Olympic Park sounds like a good. Did you go near natural hot springs?

  6. 6. YOJI Says:

    The participants are from Banff YOJI.

    I remember getting in trouble Cha. .

    By the way Rocky was still snowing the day before yesterday. .

    Do not forget about the cold but not frigid camp. .

    I'm ... I Matsu.

  7. 07. Shin Says:

    I'll get the number right. +1 Four dogs. Only only received.

    What is the joke, I hope to make it all means to participate.

    Even so cold or so. But we survived the camps Sloquet j should be fine in the snow.

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