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February 3

Proceeds story quickly w, between the last few days, come what will the story of Aurora with friends when drinking at a party or something, I said with a light glue What actually "go" now to go from the weekend really.

Speaking and Aurora (Aurora / Northern Lights), before such a thing as I wrote, and was one of the goals of a long time. It should be noted, and it's not 10 years later still go early to come to Canada ·. (Grand Canyon went twice already. Rest · pyramid. Of Egypt, incidentally)

The frequency of appearance of the aurora is closely related to sunspot, it seems there is a cycle in this year, so he is apparently composed in its heyday. (Which is of course also fuel surcharge) or high ticket is high partly it ·. (You have to say that it did not choose the dates to match the rest of all the members cheap go) to a domestic flight of just three hours, and normally will Ranked # $ 1,000.

Generally, this is to participate in what an aurora tour plus it because they will use Ranked # $ 800 including tax When it comes to stay (pale in perhaps to say that) Hotel decent, a total of thing in Yellowknife this is $ first I thought and I guess it becomes difficult to 1,800 over budget. $ 1,800 is higher in the short trip of 3 nights · I mean.

However, we found that you can float the cost much if you participate in the appreciation in the local Aurora taking the various hotels I checked myself. And, since clearly higher, and, on suites with oven stove and (stove) (I or I want to eat a little if some or meat of caribou demo) without any should eat something delicious in the land of the far north this is even if you eat out I decided to stay.

In addition, I was able to float the cost, on-site cost is further reduced to about $ 400 if the aurora viewing on their own rent a car. Around the lake, such as frozen or even rent a car during the day if you put, is so various and tourism can be. However, the drive of the Arctic night because no one lost their lives in money trouble, you must prepare in advance a lot of things research.

You have described a breakdown of the cost of this (all tax included). I hope to be able to reference in case there was a man I go to see the aurora in the same if you feel like.

At the site of the $ 990 ※ West Jet Hotel Reservations: Direct flights because the room with a ※ full kitchen ($ 168 per day) 3 $ 168 x in self-catering basic car rental date: 3 $ 74 x ($ 74 per 1) ※ gasoline vehicle insurance use a credit card for incidental: that only one night ($ 126) ※ will see a day tour to participate in the Aurora viewing tour ※ estimate the extra gas ($ 30 per person) $ 90 is probably high You borrow only when the appreciation ($ 47) ※ Warm Clothing Aurora rental day was to

$ 1,435 total

Why did Choi finished at about $ 1,000 total flight time must be so high ·. But I surely do not go much have to go to when I wanted to go, it seems banner year this year, I'm looking forward to it.

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