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July 3

No such occupation from around what, What I do not really understand IT consultants often? And you will be asked.

Company is working now is the thing that so-called IT consulting firm, employees have the same job title Consultant that everyone except management and staff, such as Internal Affairs and Communications. In that sense there is almost no hierarchical relationship, (those who are called Principal exists in the position of senior consultant as an exception) is the social side of the relationship.

Each consultant who has a client representative, the work will be done on a per-project basis for its clients. Some consultants to participate in multiple projects, some people have to participate in only one. Twice a month, and reports the contents of his or spent in any project what time and how much on a per-project basis. This leads to evaluation of their own remuneration.

There are several pay system, you can select your own. Fact is it fine, the annual salary system full Briefly reward is proportional to the full the number of hours: Billing:, commission full (Hourly (Salary full amount salary uniform, even at time 0 claim regardless, but trying to claim to the client for hours) , $ 0), a certain amount of base + commission (Base Plus if time 0: Invoice so on and I) have to select it.

And less time to charge to the client in charge of their own circumstances of the project, has been selected by the salary structure and you will have the form that ask them to piggyback on the company. I'm in such a state in February of last year, was not able to claim a one month time. Salary was at the time I get the full amount because the meantime you have selected the annual salary system, of course will be subject to layoffs if such state for long periods. In fact, layoffs have been made frequently. At that point the world is harsh.

Because it is a system like this, guys do well to suit coherence that inflate the number of hours billed is highly paid, side unfortunately say that even get credit for the client because it can suck up to the client well and only guys such deals There is also a.

In the standard working hours of 37.5 hours a week, tied to strict working hours per day if it is not clear. The next day is also OK to finish in five hours when working 10 hours a day. With respect to overtime, the people have chosen the full commission, but some people claim to increase the number of hours worked loudly, overtime is not human, so Canada is almost here again. I almost do not, when you are there you need to balance off later. It might be better able to control yourself is to some extent the amount of work by the selection of the project.

The next date for one of my job, I try to write what would do the actual work.

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