Japanese TOP5 dangerous encounter in Vancouver decided to go to watch the aurora in Yellowknife
February 14

Assorted sashimi: # 3

Story is when I went to Japaresu was previously lived in Marpole area named. Very cheap so I ordered something called sashimi platter Apataiza. Sashimi is what appears to have been carried on after a while. Apparently a big cut out of six in Canada. Binchoumaguro, king salmon, yellowtail, tail, and yellowtail sashimi What is not that nice feel.

Out of the remaining three, you, this transient but not mackerel sashimi · · · · · · It is Shimesaba. After that, octopus · · ·. · · ·. · I have boiled this is clearly · · ·. The last and shrimp! I love the sweet shrimp. · · ·. · · ·. · And there boiled and cut in half but this also. · This, of boiled shrimp sushi I mean Jean · · ·.

Say sashimi w image I would called it a version of sushi does not have a bay.

Fried: Birds # 2

This is a fairly recent event. Matrix is ​​really, if you have to give up looking for another shop, this is very close to Japanese management may I went to a store in the Kingsway, cheap all-you-can-eat sushi famous? I tried entering naming (think I forgot the name) because there was Japaresu of. (In fact everyone was Korean)

I ordered a fried bird is my favorite and some cooking. After a while, takoyaki has come for some reason. When I say I do not ask this, I say "You ordered Chicken Karaage, right?" And. · · · W I thought I was Chima~tsu done it again, Oh.

Takoyaki is not obviously look. Round, are also suffering from dried bonito have the source and takes a Mayo ·. And would not think of chicken, but I went Innovation Park Well. · Well, not flaky delicious. I feel like a solidified and then scattered the breast meat of birds like chicken nuggets. (In Canada, breast meat is far higher than the leg the way) · · · will you that nothing unnecessary in such ·. You had to wonder what that bird out of this food as fried what I ·.

# 1 became so long next time! This guy was really intense!

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  1. Says you bought one ー.:

    ~ ‥ big shock when I would What fried chicken, cooking and so difficult to just do not think, was issued. What looks grilled octopus, fresh (laughs)! !

  2. Shin Says 2.:

    It is something I do not quite come off, What · fried. Certainly was a novelty!

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