Snowboarding season is now a continuation of Japanese TOP5 dangerous encounter in Vancouver
October 2

Go to Japanese restaurants abroad, you will encounter a variety of Japanese food Rashikara unexpected. I will introduce five intense thing you encounter in the past.

Miso ramen: # 5

I ordered ramen menu because there was Japaresu When I was coming in for a while after working holiday, I want to eat ramen Mushoni was in the neighborhood. Is the story of the era was not a lot of ramen as the current Vancouver (as far as you know is now defunct and China aster, only Kintaro are also popular now).

Select a miso soy sauce and miso think I was, and I guess it's out there is no way of miso.

The result is ·. First of all, beyond the common sense is not very thick white noodles. · Do What It Could Udon? ? ? I'm certainly miso soup · · ·, by any chance is this? And miso soup? ? ? w

Miso ramen noodle soup was grave. To ascertain whether it was what I found was not familiar w soy sauce and of course.

Boiled tofu: Ranked # 4 in

I think I ordered a tofu into a Japanese restaurant in a very cold day, something warm and something.

After a while, something like a small bowl of soup for some reason went into the came. A look at the taste and thought something was Tentsuyu. After that, cold tofu for some reason has come.

Jean and I think that at all wrong order, and tell it, this is so that he apparently boiled tofu. It is a style seems to eat with (Tentsuyu) · tofu soup warm.

It will also gradually become cold Tentsuyu are eating tofu dipped in warm Tentsuyu cold, warm the body at all · · · w eventually could not.

Since the third place followed by the next time · · ·.

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"TOP5 Japanese food in Vancouver dangerous encounters" 2 Responses to

  1. Says you bought one ー.:

    ‥ Do you eat tofu dipped in a warm Tentsuyu cold. Depending on how you look at it but may be new, absolutely it is not likely to warm the body (> _ <)
    Higher of the three Japanese surprised what is? We look forward to updating it! !

  2. Shin Says 2.:

    Taught me it's also called yu dofu kindly waitress and I'm not these things, I felt something strange ·.

    Please look forward to more than # 3, so write soon.

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