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April 11

Last month, Mr. W of the previous boss of the company came from Japan to play together with his wife.

I went into my company is still very young age, will be 10 years ago Karekore. When I went into a small software development company, but was ranked 10 employees located in Akasaka, one year after moving employees had become more than 100 people (KDD building at that time) KDDI Otemachi Building.

Is not forced to change the constitution of the company becomes larger, to Mr. W is a different company, will follow Mr. A and Mr. H of Internal Affairs and Communications is a technical teacher at my superiors, also referred me to jump ahead I changed jobs to everyone is the same company.

I will come in the working holiday to Canada soon after that, since it is not living in Canada most part, or when I got them Ukeowa the work of system development, came back to Japan is enough me to arrange for a new job that is the benefactor so to speak. Now will not have his own company in Ginza.

Was scheduled for 2 people, but after 2 nights in Vancouver and around moving from the United States, will eventually be 3 nights, staying in the apartment I got out. Because people who have a sense of fun (maybe too) and with two people, was very fun.

Because certain of the airline's flight attendant wife, cheaper airline tickets really is like. However, that was the result may not get that ticket types that SUBLOW, as each is filled seat, and gambling aspects of fine, there was no seat ride that is filled from Vancouver to Narita fact.

(I already have a day off) because it was dangerous work situation if you do not ride with 2 people, even if the next day, I It was nice to ride! If you told me that I liked much Na tickets What SUBLOW, and to introduce Mr. Sutchi wife. I w I expect to receive even this seriously.

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"Guests from Japan" 6 Responses to

  1. Says an uncle.:

    Filtrate tail. .
    What company or airline would not it?

  2. Says seat next to the uncle in Ginza 2 @ 884.:

    Is been a while.
    I started wondering, w to comment

    No differences between airlines? Perhaps, w I think it was Air China
    I will surely who introduced me to say.
    It is a nice married couple.

  3. Shin Says 3.:

    Says two people

    Thank you pointed out. I'm sorry to have misunderstood and ultra. (I read that when Bale comments) so that it does not I made the correction Barre.

  4. Uncle Says 4.:

    · Gege~tsu

  5. Says seat next to the uncle in Ginza 5 @ 884.:

    The truth is it is not China. China is sorry YO

  6. Shin Says 6.:

    Yeah? S what Which? ? ?

    W I made the change anyway to describe safe