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September 16

Currently, interest rates on savings accounts ING Direct Savings bank that I have savings with only 1.05%. 1.25% a year regularly, only 2.00 percent in two years.

This is lost in the margin to the rate of increase of prices of Vancouver intense. In other words, it becomes that only is to keep your money in the bank just have a loss substantially. (But in a sense when you hear the deflation) Ne thing is meaningless, it is. To investment risk but of course, is it would be What it also risks that the only deposit money in the bank without doing anything.

Meanwhile, Mutual Fund has invested in two in mid-May and the end of April (investment trust) is the rise of 10% is a little four months already.

In the long term upward trend, so should work given the level of this recession, I decided to go with a fixed amount every week to fund additional investment by the same from this week. Rather than to invest at a time and wham, we will continue to invest little by little every week in order to distribute the risk of changes in value. Guy is so-called dollar-cost averaging.

Point of investment in Canada are tax-exempt account: You will in that range at about the minute that it tax free at (TFSA Tax Free Savings Account), so the upper limit will increase by $ 5,000 annually tax-free. After this we will come to a significant impact at first, but its upper limit is low.

I am looking forward to how much has been a few years later. W I will do my best so they do not use it before.

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