Google Adsense advertising fees worth a damn in recession recently corrupted various things
October 8

One week ago, the Internet can become unstable at home, I was always restart your modem and router. How often became the first Tsunagaranaku once was a place a few hours once a day and eventually become useless now in minutes.

Result of many trial and error, found that the cause rather Rutarashii apparently. This router year and a half ago, when it was bought in Japan for a short period and made in Japan with the 安Kunakatta However, it is often broken in so short a time I dont I 思Enakatta .

I tend to think more like a PC or a strong mechanical means are often the work of software development, my machine is a really weak.

I also like that Google will usually ask that you look left so many shows, I noticed that I have a higher heat become unusable. I'm pretty hot to the touch for sure. Speaking about You Hana 熱Kunakatta bought this.

In bad shape anyway and I, which was cooled in ice to try to try that w.

Put frozen water Tupper, I put on the router to toss in the towel as Tupper water drops get into the router.

Then surprise, even after two hours use even after an hour! ! !

Warm place for a while until the ice melts the water is used at a rate of about replacing it once a day followed by effects. Well I would either break completely out of buying a new use is a waste, to the point where I'll be using. How long have you been 1 w.

written by Shin

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