(Rolley Lake) I went to camp every month is the day of the meat 29
May 16

I tried to put on the blog borrowed a friend gave me to take photos.

Rolley Lake is a place like this.
You connect the rowing (No. Bonbi) rubber dinghy in a canoe.

1/3 lbs burger for lunch. 1/3 lbs of this property is three times the size of the Mac.

Nap in a hammock stretched gently towards the edge of the camp site.

Kai too exhausted to play.

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"The picture of Rolley Lake" 2 Responses to

  1. . 1 Aki Says:

    Ena Ena ー ー!
    Do not make it hard to hang this hammock height say it? Would $ 14 superstores because ($ 13?) · · ·.
    Do not Let 'shop bought Granville Island hammock now. Looking good so dream gradual After sleeping soundly in it ☆
    Innovation Camp in June to take me also Ola.

  2. Two. Shin Says:

    Oh, and I skimmed it the height of another and it's this photo. I was scared when I was wearing gardener to me after this high position, ride pretty high.

    Ne want to go camping in June.

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