That a "Powell Street" town that existed once the Japanese in Vancouver Part 3 "Powell Street" town that existed once the Japanese in Vancouver
April 1

December 7, 1941, surprise attack on Pearl Harbor, Hawaii by the Japanese military to have been made.

The Powell Street opposite has been built over the past few decades, and to decay rapidly from this date. Many Japanese have been arrested as a dangerous person, a Japanese newspaper suspended publication, was closed down Japanese schools.

The Canadian government then expelled more than 100 miles away from the coastline (including the Japanese Canadian nationality with Canada) of all Japanese people in BC, to the desolate camp inland. I ordered a forced move is considered a Japanese blood flows as "enemy alien" all. At that time, men and women has been sent to separate camps. That is, placed in another camp in the same family, the family I had been apart.

All Japanese people by the Canadian government seized the property of all the cars and housing, has been sold or disposed of. At this time, Japanese people had been deprived of it to the Canadian government in an instant everything that was built many years suffering.

※ By the way, German and Italian people of the same enemy who should be subject to asset forfeiture and incarceration did not stop.

Incarceration of Japanese Americans during the war was happening, but also in countries other than Canada, and I think those of Canada or that was not so bad in that family is falling apart.


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