It is a great appreciation of the yen today is the day of the House of Representatives election
November 10

In the event of company giveaway, I got a headset Bluetooth.

Nokia BH-601 Stereo Bluetooth Headset
Nokia BH-601 Stereo Bluetooth Headset v1.2
I have their products or prizes, only Chi ー grass. I thought, quite comfortable to go home and try out. She had since the original product name for mobile phone music player, you can use any PC using a USB adapter that came with it. If there is this example, you can eat in the living room while playing the music in the bedroom PC, and drinking beer on the balcony, you can be washing dishes in the kitchen or even if there is no audio system at home. They can also fast forward, rewind movement songs-Guaranteed! (Check with iTunes and Windows Media Player)

What are you listening to now the way is the new album "DIG OUT YOUR SOUL" of OASIS. I have heard so much today got last night. Previous concert this song is played on the album is turned on.

Similar Bluetooth products, there is a feature guy put a microphone What 's the string attached to one ear in smaller type. Version of Bluetooth headset is in use, such as voice chat such as Skype and MSN. Will be very easy not only away from your PC with a Bluetooth Skype and there is this, is it mobile phone while driving the car. To drive in one hand from the mobile Na dangerous. Try your best not even get over there now.

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2 Responses to "Bluetooth headset"

  1. . 1 Micchi Says:

    I had (with Cum movie or because it's for) wireless headphone of my father in the home,
    It's convenient fast-forward or rewind I can also! ~ I hope I get it further from the company

  2. Two. Shin Says:

    At first I thought I would do it not useful for this, good to know that data can be used unexpectedly And if you try.

    However, greater distances and can not be used. Laundry room w did not reach up to