Recent weather (slightly) better in Vancouver decided to formally interview!
March 26

Job seekers come to Canada's place is primarily a day position fit your job site and say, I have to apply slightly more than 10 companies have already contacted the company is not at all.

Getting phone calls from unknown numbers at noon yesterday, a wrong number and you Oh (I like to interrupt people with the same number as before) I do not take it I had eaten lunch yet taken Why do not you get lost, and the company could probably apply call the other day. Thank goodness out.

Let's meet in that they speak different JAA, immediately went to the interview this morning.

Robert Half Technology says that American companies are not the so-called corporate recruiters usually does not lead directly to employment is not to say that it is an interview. Introduced me to another company, a job once it became clear and they are not I receive my reward from employers.

Tests as he is technically safe interview, I think Mr. Eric charge of people love. Canadian software company and the local downtown now, I get an introduction to the investment fund company with headquarters in Bermuda. Once the interview first thing I envy you because I like both are good company.

Of a word before leaving Eric's "during an interview with - these companies Well I mean I have something better to shave the beard shaved.." Oh Yeah still w

written by Shin

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4 Responses to "finding a job in Canada."

  1. 1. Nobuki Says:

    And Ururururu ~ ♪
    [The decision is joined by poker pro 』♪

  2. 2. Shin Says:

    Mr. Nobuki

    I joined with immediate benefits if w

  3. 3. Kengo Says:

    Good! Shave eyebrows too!

  4. 4. Shin Says:

    Ssu shaved eyebrows from dangerous.

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