Applied to cost around the world do they come summer time in Vancouver
April 17

Although I have been a so-called salaried workers in Canada, I also did freelance work from Japan as SE.

From this time last year trip around the world is taking shape, the work has been aware of the income obtained shall say on a regular basis than the amount and efficiency. Journey will be much easier if there is income obtained on a regular basis while you are on a journey.

But difficult to make money, and say this is more difficult to create a fixed income. Obtained in the monthly usage charges hosting companies and obtain a membership fee, from the registered members of membership WEB Magazine launch, we have managed to do well.

Proceeds from these services has increased steadily but slowly, due to it, we have also increased the amount of work should digest. During the trip, at least one day of the week is likely to do the work of these must take the time 2 to 3 hours. (Is a guy say I'm perfect. And so-called unearned income even if you can eliminate this task.)

Fortunately, my job can be done if even the Internet, you will somehow be Kakekomere to the net cafe once a week. I think during the trip and must act in mind also that side.

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