I found a diary six years ago , and it is rolled up at the end of life and poker Canada
August 9

Very busy and took over the lease for the house at the end of August, renewal is seen you for a long time.

I was allowed to do on August 17 a farewell party of three of my friends, and my roommate to leave Canada, and Korean.

More than 30 people came and put the person who can come back in the middle or later. Voice over the place despite three days ago, It was fun to be able to meet a lot of people.

I was able to somehow survive this day the weather forecast was rain, but, to a BBQ in the back yard as planned.

Was the first experience of life in this party. Bets and beer pie throwing.

No longer see anything in both shock and a small splash, and is pure white object in front of my eyes a moment before saying the opposite is said for the back because there is gift, and I said the opposite here. Is it comedy or eat a pie at the face of Japan.

Farewell Party
Farewell Party
Then, over the beer was well shaken. Frequently Asked hit in the face with water hose to the final blow and momentum. Was it cold it was fun, but it was a pretty cool day. Body temperature may be because you are Canadian Ka.

Was in the midst of the confusion bathing times.

Farewell Party
T of the company's former colleague gave me to take a group photo with the camera fine. In this house, but was doing well this party, also the last time this can be. I think when you came back to Canada and I hope I enjoy everyone looking for a good home, but also will be lonely.

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6 Responses to "Farewell BBQ Party"

  1. . 1 YVR Says:

    In my first, I tried to throw a Pie toward a human face. The Pie peppered again in that "Welcome back" to come back when w. ♪ w to enjoy
    Party big a long time, it was fun.

  2. Says witch 2.:

    ~ I say. I wanted to throw pie in Kami-kun ~A too.
    At the welcome back party in Japan, Do you want me to throw pie pie got to make a large amount of the director then?

  3. Three. Shin Says:


    I did not know anything at that moment, Were you were you! Returns twice return times. Fufufu.


    I make Yappari director. Wearing sunglasses suit you over? It scary.

  4. N Says Kiyomi 4.:

    It's really fun party!
    I think in general people are quite experienced and I can not put or throw beer pie! !

    It looks like were somehow supposed to be returned from Canada, I wonder if it so? ?

    Kke was written on the blog? (^ ^;

    But time will not come back if I do not see any of the current situation Kami-kun, I hope you meet (^ ^

  5. Five. Shin Says:

    Kiyomi N

    Back to Japan at the end of this month or next month, I've been trying to travel to (per-Philippines, South Korea, Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan) field close to the base until the New Year in Japan.

    Meet all means in Japan! Ne contact.

  6. N Says Kiyomi 6.:

    ~ ~ That 's right! !
    It all means to contact the world! ! !
    Ne from the yahoo address has not changed!