January 16

Everyone, Happy New Year.

I have lived in Canada for about nine years and now gets iterated once more in the hope except for the period to come to Canada for the first time in 2001 and returned to Japan in the middle and the relationship visa. So that from the time of becoming an adult (? Around 20 years old) is more of Canada already is longer at all.

While that was fun to work in a meaningful way, I was working at the business of software development and IT venture there, 12 years ago, have been exhausted. More than 100 hours of overtime a month, more than enough to do my best work is given, if he tries hard, his was not so much social aspect is also not well even human relations ... Kizukeru. I was from the thought of the work is not hard too leisurely, or snowboarding or to travel occasionally, drinking from Tsu daytime, that I wish I could life my pace is relaxed such that it came in a country called Canada.

When I think of the situation of more than 10 years now, I've noticed that they can own their own life was looking at just that.

Work of the IT consulting firm that has worked the last two years there are many big projects opponent clients of large companies in North America, and at the same time, interesting work, and then the overtime only about 10 hours in the past two years there is a very rewarding I think it is possible to obtain a high compensation in its own way rather often come back before scheduled rather not fold, take vacation is relatively free, and I think that work ideal just be yourself from 10 years ago.

I think nothing more to be done, but I also do my colleagues, and have spent a life time to take care of his family and his, very meaningful and fulfilling. I think this place has been around Canada and settle for a so-called values. I think that I have spent the last 10 years in Canada and I love it and.

However, it has become somewhat unsatisfactory come here.

I think if you are here now in the hands, which had asked 10 years ago, it certainly is something very wonderful.

However, at some time,

"You do not ask what was different 10 years ago, and what you are asking now."

I have come to think so.

In addition, since nor have I left the College of Canada is neither born in Canada, but I can not quite take the position that the management of large projects. The company or the client may not even recognize me recommended me. I think if you have experience at least, it is possible to obtain the opportunity to gain experience that I am not very difficult.

Go to a university in Canada · · ·. I try to take a Degree in IT Management and learn. I was thinking a little thing like that.

In such timing, I got an offer of the position of manager of the IT department from certain Japanese companies in Southeast Asia have the edge, however.

On "intuition" in some aspects in my life past the last article I wrote in, it worked here also. I thought it was! "I want to do this job."

In Japanese and English, the official language of this corporate house had been thinking the past few years is that case you should not be good at most Japanese can use their original order was the only English, I want to have it actually terribly . Will be enabled to use the two words in this job, however.

And last is the story of "Connecting dots" of Steve Jobs it was said, I think whether it is not that the point became each time I have been just follow all leads.

So, I was going to start a new job in Bangkok in February. Eventually returns to IT management experience in Canada, Canada ... goodbye for a while.

I think there is still work to do things the sale of the car and vacate the apartment, tax treatment of your company, such as tax treatment of its own, and you want to go just go snowboarding made can never over there in half a month left, I'm going to slip Please invite us when!

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December 29

It is updated once again after a long time sooo. . .

Until now, I have been living according to the "intuition" of their fine. Although I think you're man incapable of much maybe, the company I just because there are no paid Dari pleased with the live play with unemployment becoming laid off (for example, a way of life appropriate such work, but I am free I'm in and out on a journey two months to leave) and have been Yatteko somehow, whether it is not of such contain some poised to take the world well results according to intuition.

I think there are things that I want to tell you a little time, and you want to talk about "intuition" this for that.

The first intuition:

I thought that when three years of high school, college and try to go to the faculty of humanities as usual and I was a liberal arts, sciences because intuition says, "now is probably your computer" and will work, if the results of mathematics was not even trying was turning to go on to college, the computer (w I'm tired of studying I mean) difficult. He had been at first or want to do (CG) computer graphics, he studied computer programming know that there is no aptitude at all.

Second intuition:

When you only have one year to become members of society at the time, had been involved in the development of operational systems Windows systems in the department of trading, intuition, "From now wonder WEB" that worked. But I have to change jobs to venture companies in Akasaka at the time the Internet began to spread barely even talk to my boss does not let me do too new and the development of WEB system, was doing specializes in the development of WEB and Now .

Third intuition:

When I experienced four years the members of society, from the fact that most of the technical documentation of IT is written in English, leaving the company in the intuition that says, "From now probably English," and had been working happily luck quite at that time I came to Canada Te. There was also said to want to relax after doing snowboard suitably favorite non-English-language acquisition まぁ. You've been using a system called working holiday, I ended up with holiday holiday without working at all.

Intuition of 4:

Intuition when in position three days, "I lived here," that came to Canada worked. I did get a permanent residency through a work visa then.

Intuition of 5:

10 years, did not show up, such as intuition and then kind of a turning point in my life, I felt this Asia trip also. "Now is probably Asia" w and. It would likely already is not now, Asia is still the energy is different from North America. Asian interesting! I want to do something in Asia! I thought.

What will you do with Asia in? I also write it next time. According to the intuition of the results until now here I am actually lead.

The story of "Connecting dots" of Steve Jobs comes to mind. Every single thing you're doing now seems pointless (dot: dot) If the future lead, I noticed it started looking back to that time but I do not know. Maybe I'm talking to say, let's work hard to believe in what you are doing that so that point is connected future.

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May 27

I was wondering is I was a severe hay fever in Japan, it was originally a good place to come to Canada, the symptoms of hay fever is completely gone, I was completely free from suffering.

But 4-5 feeling will start out itching of the nose, to much last year and it will be able to recognize that it is the symptoms of hay fever apparently becomes spring of years ago, this year he is not always enough when I was in Japan I have also developed significant symptoms.

It seems at first that even in the absence of anything to the type of pollen is apparently different, that one has to develop it is accumulated gradually. Will it become as much as when I was in Japan in the next year ... around.

Who knows a good measure of the pollen of anyone here, please let me know I was.

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May 16

I thought the previous project will be canceled, so there is an opportunity to update your resume for a house, and I want to write about the resume.

It may be consulted on how to write a resume when looking for work from time to time, in Canada. Many of those people is like you're struggling to hear such a thing somewhere.

"You can only write the required minimum. Considered to be no more than two pages fit on one page as possible. Resume will not even get to see the person in charge of human resources busy not equal."

Do not believe a lie because this is ridiculous.

I also believe a lie for a long time, he had put together a two-page Good luck and education qualifications and information company that previously worked, only the minimum amount of information necessary.

Human resources towards the agent helped me when I was first looking for a job to get permanent residency four years ago, we received advice in relation to such resumes.

Resume your "there is only minimal information, what you were engaged in any project in the past, or you have a skill any, in which you do not know until I talk to actually. Personnel managers busy resume such will give way to put aside. "

. "You do not have to be made on page 10 Do I have to appeal their skills to include, as far as possible the details of past work to resume. Become even number of pages" on page 5

At that time was a two-page resume is 7 pages in accordance with this advice (currently on page 5 together to devise and layout from there). As soon as you have updated, to me was who interviewed once 1-2 is should I put the month before, so take a voice in quick succession from a company with a name of Yara Nokia Yara Kodak Graphics Yara Telus, at Nokia I was able to get the position of the 12-month contract.

This article is that I wrote back on May 24 of the year 2008, since it should since I began working at Nokia second week in June, work that was decided in about two weeks after the update resume. Resume is still important.

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May 5

I have become quite a long time to update. I have been busy with this and that.

Previously, has been written to be one of my career goals is to work in the US, I will be able to participate in this project, its likely to be a clue.

It is a small project in the city called Olympia the capital of Washington, positions that match the skills I here is found, it will participate in the project here from early April to take over the other consultants work in the project so far I had to.

However, this project is a form of US say Wakubiza not go down because it is a short-term project of 4 months, and to work remotely from Vancouver (home or office). You can say that it can be a connection to the team members and the project manager for the US to produce results in this project, and will also allow acquisition Wakubiza if you can participate in a long-term project of another US, long-term I had to join up but now I decided to leave the 'project. I was very high risk period it will become four months from three years remaining I liked also work on the project so far, this will be a risk to decide the resolution for the target was.

One day when he was three weeks after the start of work on a new project, the team went from afternoon meeting suddenly (meeting our consultants you are working with a remote office to connect to the meeting using the online software it is a mechanism that can participate Te). Participation in the project was the way I was when I was able to come to decent work can get the full picture of the project.

It was said to tell you that what you say is the purpose of the meeting, the project has been canceled at the discretion of the client. Work is not have disappeared from the date of the next meeting of the online addition of only 5 minutes. I must find a new client and project to life, but also not so troubled leave salary is based compensation except of course outcomes.

I was very disappointed with this result but they decided to take risks with great pains. But, I have to think, neither to regret not help to say that be prepared to lose something to say that risk, because it does not always work, because the decision was for the target.

So, I had to interview or to apply for a house or to update your resume for the first time in many years, if there is a position that looks good and then search the database for in-house projects. Come down this time around a little, but it should be okay because it was a sudden cancellation of the convenience of the client, for ones cancellation fee contract has gone out in the inter-company, probably the period that is not running will become too long it will become the target of layoffs as well, I just can not I work too much and I had chosen in this painful condition.

I'm glad I got in touch when I spent a week or so the period Fortunately, that did not work out-performing anything, they want us to come back from the PM was in charge of the project so far. I'm back to work this week back to the original project from today. W punishment when I was bad because it was just after a little encouragement from the team members and the original Ganbare towards the goal, but that was welcomed back.

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March 10

Blog of travelers who have roamed the world to take a leave of absence from high school I've read.

(It was not good I tried to work hard rather than did not we do at all) I enlightenment a lack of fitness for a study subject to inspection of their own by the time you become the second year of high school, to give up college, high school, called Shingakuko but I had spent just like sleep to go to take attendance for without even doing in school because they were through, play the arcade or bytes I sabot class, to graduate school, the amount of time that it can not be said that meaningful too There is a time.

And I guess I could have there, does not own way does not take college entrance exam, high school life a little more meaningful, I think, but reading this blog. (Of course, I should have been there is the significance of making yourself surely now also in life can not be helped if the look of the time)

Part, I will quote his words from his blog.

"In this age of me,. Wonder that I'm going to go to Ghana or Nigeria but. Suffering years and think how to get a job or go on at this time"

. "I do not think I do not think that is determined rail. I live right"

. "I was not aware of and do not go on a journey. Understand the importance of giving believe share. Likelihood that the mind is less than he just wants"

"It also meeting new people and going there is because there is separation there is a meeting"

"I talk longer, I will be the man I'm only alive now! Freely only alive! I. Eliminate any worries or pain!"

But there are many people who have traveled the world, there would surely have what you can not see him only 17 years old. I'm looking forward to updating this blog earlier.

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March 07

Is it any occupation from around, but I do not know well IT consultants often? I will be heard.

Company is working now something that so-called IT consulting firm, employees I have a job all in the same title, except that the Consultant and staff, such as management and general affairs. In that sense, there is almost no hierarchical relationship, (those who are called Principal is present in a senior position of consultant position as exceptions) is a society of horizontal relations.

Each of our consultants has a client representative, work will be done on a project-by-project basis for that client. Some are consultants to participate in multiple projects, some people have participated in only one. We will report twice a month, or whatever spent his project which much time on a project-by-project basis and the contents. This has led to the evaluation of their remuneration.

There are several pay system, you can choose your own. Although the actual is fine, the annual salary system full Briefly reward is proportional complete the number of hours claimed:, commission full (Hourly (Salary full amount salary uniform, even at time 0 claim regardless would charge the client hours) , commission based + $ 0), a certain amount of (Base Plus if 0 time: Billing and so on) is selected this is me.

With less time to charge the client depending on the status of their project in charge, has been selected by the system salary would be in the form that ask them to piggyback on the company. Under the circumstances in February of last year, I was not able to claim one hour per month. I get a salary in the meantime, the full amount at the time I had to select the annual salary system, I will of course be subject to layoffs if such condition continues for a long time. In fact, the layoffs are done frequently. In that respect is harsh world.

Discouraging aspect to say because it is a system like this, guys who do well to align consistency that inflate the number of hours billed is a highly paid, and have gained even a client's credit because it can incorporate the client well and only guys like that moreover There is also a.

37.5 hours is the standard working hours, it is not bound by strict working hours per day if you clear this week. It is also OK to end the next day at 5 hours and worked 10 hours a day. For overtime, but some people claim to increase the number of hours worked pounding people are choosing the full commission, overtime is not the person who I am here because Canada is mostly still. I also will not most, when you need them and I have to balance rest later. You can control the amount of work on your own to some extent by the choice of the project is good.

Day of work for me, next time I think I will try to write what are you doing any work actually.

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March 02

Story progresses quickly w, in a few days, I came to talk about how the Aurora with friends when you drinking at a party or something, I said with a light feeling I actually "go" I was really going to go over the weekend.

Speaking and Aurora (Aurora / Northern Lights), before doing this , as I wrote, and it was one of the goals of a long time. Incidentally, I still do not have 10 years to go over early to come to Canada · · ·. (Grand Canyon went twice already. Then ... Pyramid. Egypt by the way)

The frequency of appearance of the aurora is closely related to sunspots, it seems there is a cycle, and this year it is likely it will be in its heyday apparently. (Which is of course fuel surcharge) or that there is also high ... high flight. (Some say that did not choose the cheapest dates to match the rest of all the members to go) to a domestic flight in just three hours, but normally you place $ 1,000.

Normally I participate in ones aurora tour plus it, because you just will place $ 800 including tax when it comes Staying in this (Shoboi maybe even said) Hotels decent with something in Yellowknife, Total $ I think I was at first difficult or over budget becomes even 1,800. $ 1,800 higher in the short 3-night trip ... I mean.

However, I have found that it is possible to lift the cost much if you participate in the appreciation in the local Aurora taking various hotels I looked at myself. And because clearly higher, and (Why you want to try to eat a little but some or meat of caribou but) without going to be eating something delicious in the land of the far north is also eating out, to suite him with oven stove and (stove) I decided to stay.

In addition, I was able to float further costs if the aurora viewing on their own rent a car, on-site cost is reduced to about $ 400. Around the lake, such as frozen or even during the day if you rent a car, so I can have variety and tourism. However, because of the Arctic night drive could die from one trouble, must be prepared in advance research various things.

I'll describe the breakdown of the cost of this time (all tax included). I think it will help if they were people I went to see the aurora in much the same way as if.

Site for $ 990 ※ West Jet Hotel Reservations: Direct flights because it is a room with a ※ full kitchen ($ 168 per day) 3 $ 168 x in a self-catering basis car rental Date: 3 $ 74 x ($ 74 per 1) ※ vehicle insurance and gasoline use something incidental credit card: that only one night ($ 126) ※'ll try to take a tour one day tour viewing Aurora estimate extra ※ gas ($ 30 per person) $ 90, so possibly high I borrow only when viewing ($ 47) ※ Aurora rental day winter clothes you have

$ 1,435 total

Is it lived it would total about $ 1,000 ちょい unless ticket is so high when · · ·. But I certainly do not have to go all the way to go when you want to go, I seem banner year this year, I'm looking forward to it.

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February 14

Assorted Sashimi: # 3

I'm talking about when I went to was in the area of ​​Marpole Japaresu lived in before. I asked what that Apataiza sashimi platter was so very cheap. What appears to have been carried sashimi after a while. Canada seems to cut a big slice 6. You're mind is handed Binchoumaguro sashimi, king salmon, yellowtail, us, and Yellowtail.

You, out of the remaining three, this monohydric mackerel sashimi · · · · · · I do not think it is Shimesaba. After that, octopus · · ·. · · ·. This is in · · · · · · boiled clearly. Shrimp and last! I love shrimp. · · ·. · · ·. · · · Is cut in half, but also boiled yet. · · · This じゃん boiled shrimp sushi ... I mean.

Say sashimi w I guess you do not have a version called image of sushi rice.

Fried: Bird # 2

This is a fairly recent event. Matrix is ​​really, I have given up looking for another shop, this is very close to the Japanese management may I went there in Kingsway, shop cheap famous all-you-can-eat sushi? I tried to get into (I forgot the name), so there was a naming Japaresu think. (It was in fact all Korean)

I asked the fried chicken is my favorite food and some cooking. After a while, I came たこ焼き why.こんなの頼んでないよっていうと、”You ordered Chicken Karaage, right?”と言うのです。ああ、またやっちまったなと思いました・・・w。



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2 月 10



I've asked for some time to come in when I was working holiday, because there was a ramen menu Japaresu will want to eat ramen Mushoni, was in the neighborhood. Is the story of the era was not a lot of ramen shops as current Vancouver (China aster and the deceased, as far as I know is now also popular 金太郎 only now).

Select I think I had a miso miso and soy sauce, and wonder if the edge is more miso.

The result is · · ·. First of all, I'm a thick beyond the common sense is white noodles. · · · Do you mean Udon is this? ? ? Though it certainly ... miso soup, miso soup is this and do you happen to? ? ? w

It was not ramen noodles soup with miso. Care to ascertain whether the people of soy sauce was what I did not mention is that familiar and w.

Tofu: # 4

I think I asked the tofu into the Japanese restaurant very cold day, something warm and something.

After a while, something like a small bowl of soup that went into why I came. If you look at the taste I think something, I was Tentsuyu. Then, for some reason came cold tofu.

I think Jan is completely wrong order, and tell it, this is a tofu so it seems. It's a style that is likely to put eat (Tentsuyu) tofu soup ... warm.

Will become more and more cold also Tentsuyu and eat tofu dipped in warm Tentsuyu cold, it warms the body at all · · · w eventually I could not.

# 3 after you follow the next time · · ·.

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